We make cedar grilling and baking planks from local Northwest trees, with our hands. We serve retail clients on-line, we offer our products to restaurants, caterers, food service and wholesale accounts too. Just let us know how we can serve you.

Our planks are great for grilling or baking fish, poultry, steak, vegetables, and even fruits. They result food that is moist, firm, flaky with a slight woodsy flavor. Our family and friends love our planks. Our local farmers and fisherman love them too. After tasting foods cooked off our planks, everyone seems to want a few.

Part of being a family business is also being a good steward of our heritage. With this in mind we seem to always be planting trees. Each year we plant many more trees than we harvest. Since 2000 we have planted over 2500 trees. That's a lot of grilling!

Astound your dinner guests, make them wish they had brought better wine. See, we are funny!


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Cedar and alder grilling and baking planks from the Northwest Plank Company. Planks, seasoning, and cookbooks. Gift packages as well!